Karyn Mickaels

Bass &Vocals

Karyn’s love of music began with singing in elementary school. She developed her skills gradually in high school and then college through choir and musical comedy. In high school, Karyn sang with the Horsehead’s Chamber Singers, winning National Choral Director’s Guild Awards two years in a row, in competitions held in St Louis and Boston, and recorded with The Chuck Mangione Quartet and The University of Bridgeport’s famed Jazz band. Karyn’s theatrical roles included Louisa in The Fantastics, and Lucy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown to name a few.

Once out on her own, she auditioned for and was accepted into the prestigious Helen Hobbs Jordan musicianship school in New York City. Here, Karyn learned sight singing and the music theory skills she continues to use today.

While in NY, she was the vocalist and choreographer for a NY based oldies group `The Ultimates’. She then moved on to top 40 with`The Limit’, a wedding group from New Jersey. It was with The Limit, that she began her dream of playing bass.

After taking a short break to marry and raise a family, Karyn found her way back to music, this time moving on to 'new country', another genre that she has always loved. Karyn thoroughly enjoys playing bass and singing vocal harmonies with the members of `DUE SOUTH’. The music keeps her young at heart.

Karyn resides in Union Beach, New Jersey with her husband and two sons. She is thrilled to be starting her 6th year as the Musical Director for the Memorial School Drama Club in Union Beach. She also holds a BA in Music from Thomas Edison State University, earning music credits from Montclair State College, and Berkeley's Online School of Music as well.