Gregg Aleo


Greg Aleo

Gregg currently resides in Hillsborough, NJ. Born and raised in Connecticut, he began playing piano at age 15 with various local rock bands. During the 80’s as the music scene began to shift, he began playing more keyboards to keep up with the “electronic” era of the bands from that decade.

He then spent the late 80’s/early 90’s performing in a working top 40 band called “Moondance” which played many different types of events such as weddings, parties and festivals.

Relocating to New Jersey in the early 90’s, Gregg played in various small project bands around the local area. Seeking to play more often with a working band, he then joined Due South which has allowed him to return to his roots and play piano more, adding in various keyboards to compliment the great sounds of new (and some old! ) country music.

Gregg really enjoys playing out live and getting the crowd up and moving. Hope to see you all come out and join us live!